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Weekly Astrology Forecast for November 25 - December 1, 2018

I hope everyone has implemented all the good advice regarding confrontation we shared in last week's cosmic message! 

As the month of Sagittarius unfolds – the month of miracles – the cosmos delivers many unbelievable insights right to our doors. This week is no exception. As we gaze into the constellations, we will notice the incredible amount of planets in mutable signs, and particularily in Sagittarius. Mutable signs are very fast moving, intellectually and physically.

Right now, the cosmos is all over the place, including the moon! (The moon and rising are both in Gemini!) Additionally, the North node in comfortable Cancer is involved in a tight t-square with Venus and Uranus, retrograde in Aries. There is no comfort zone on the horizon!

So, what can we learn from all this?

Our spiritual work always comes in cycles. Sometimes we feel super-inspired; we meditate, share, and wonder why everyone isn’t doing the same! And sometimes we feel . . . Oh my! More work . . . I am going to Hawaii! That’s it!

 The t-square and the mutables in this week’s chart reflect both attitudes within ourselves. Together, these two trends send us a message about spiritual adaptability. Adaptability is the quality of moving forward, no matter what, even if you feel stuck, or if obstacles arise. We want the power to continue our journeys forever. Adaptability is a great kabbalistic quality; it is the ability to flow through situations and constantly learn, while renewing ourselves.

And that’s precisely what we want to learn! The biggest obstacles arise when we don’t want to change. Or sometimes we simply find ourselves blocked on certain things that have happened in the past – things we still cannot make sense of (north Node in Cancer!) As the kabbalists teach, we need to tell ourselves, "Ok, I am just going to say, NEXT!"

This week, the cosmos gives us a great gift: the opportunity to go past our heavy feelings, old grudges, or the status quo in our lives. Spirituality is about flexibility; the absence of it just makes us age!

Here are a few simple tips to connect with this energy:

1. Push yourself to flow, and dare to do things you really don't want to do right now (Sagittarius optimism).

2. Think about renewal and rebirth.

3. When you do get stuck, your mantra is: NEXT!

We will need a different pair of glasses, but it’s all worth it!

Remember, have patience and optimism while Mercury is still in retrograde motion.


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