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Weekly Astrology Forecast for October 28 - November 3, 2018

This week we are entering the waning phase of the moon during lunar Scorpio. Let's get ready for the darker side of the moon!

Four celestial bodies are already in Scorpio: the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. But, of course, Uranus in Taurus is acting up again – this time, in opposition to all the above planets, and that in itself is a really intense feature! This week, it seems that the cosmos is really reactive, since many planets are in the emotional water element. But, on the other hand, there is a kind of ventilation system offered with the moon and rising in light Gemini, and quite a few planets and aspects in Aquarius. In addition, the chart’s predominant houses are the sixth (service, work, and health) and the eighth (transformation, challenges, and more transformation).

Phew! What to make of this? Well, first, the universe asks us to take a step back, to reflect on many situations (especially at work, with friends, and with colleagues), to remove the drama, and lighten up as much as possible. At all costs, avoid activating the deep judgment of Scorpio! It may seem like we perceive all that is wrong, and that feels like jumping into a frying pan, making bad karma for us.

In addition, planet Venus – the only one who acts as Scorpio’s antidote – is really challenged this week. It is 150 degrees (quincunx) to the chart’s ascendant in Gemini, and in opposition to Uranus. Giving love (Venus) feels suddenly inconsistent and irrelevant. This can seriously shake up relationships and spark real personal challenges. Expect the unexpected in love and relationships; be prepared to have your belief systems rocked! Be careful when it comes to new relationships right now. With this 150-degree aspect, there is danger of meeting difficult, elusive people. It’s a very bad idea to fall in love with a tormented rebel at the moment!

A special message to all the singletons: very “karmic” attractions are likely to happen, so don’t ignore this big CAUTION SIGN! The universe is trying to teach us a lesson and give us a better understanding of relationships, including the way WE handle them.

Since Venus, the “peace” planet, is so challenged this week, another global warning must be issued, especially with the Pluto-Mars quincunx (150 degrees), which is a really difficult one. This can create a rise in global violence and destabilize volatile governments. The strong Gemini energy added creates a very controlling and ruthless combo. 

We ALL have a responsibility in the global picture. Each and every one of us matters, and we should feel it even more so right now. We all need to act in a more proactive fashion on a daily basis, – meaning, choose mercy over judgment, and add positive meditations to our routines in order to inject Light and positivity into the universe.

On a more Plutonian and personal note, it’s time to reflect on a very important question: For what actions do we want to be remembered long after we are gone? Ask yourself, how you can transform your life. The position of Pluto in the eighth house is raising metaphysical questions for all of us, taking us away from our routine and robotic consciousness. So, let’s get ready for a global shift of awareness; get out of our comfortable positions and act for the greater good.

We should also meditate on the 72 Name, “eradicating plagues” this whole week.


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