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Welcome to the New Solar Year

The New Moon of Aries falls on March 27th. Welcome to the new solar year as we enter the spring equinox! And happy astrological New Year! The spring equinox occurs on a last quarter of the moon—the seeding of a new season begins.

So what does this new moon have to offer us?

We are shifting gears and moving on! With five planets in Aries (fire) in this month’s chart there is a constant need for expansion and redefinition of self. Following the emotional introspection from last month (Pisces), we continue this yearning for growth by shifting from an emotional approach to a more fiery one. We aspire to give meaning to our lives through actions and manifestation. There is a need to gain a deeper spiritual perspective.

Our quest for meaning is both physical and spiritual. The saying “There must be more to life than this,” inspires us to uncover greater potential in our lives, and this search is deeply personal this month. We will find that, despite difficulties, there is a positive reason behind all of it and something greater to look forward to.

This month planets Mercury and Venus are in Aries, as well. Take time to evaluate what you think you didn’t finish up in your relationships. There could be a little hot-headedness in the air and the speed of our thoughts and words could cause some backfires.

Venus is the relationship planet, the planet of net worth and self-worth. Venus is currently in retrograde motion in the chart, embarking on a retrograde tour every 18 months. The last time Venus was retrograde in Aries was in 1993. That cycle may have marked an important time or pattern you don’t want to repeat. There may be a connection between then and now.

The planet Jupiter opposes the planet Uranus, a very important aspect in this month’s chart. With this combination, it’s a critical time to get back in touch with yourself and your essential needs. What do you want? Are you thriving, or simply existing? The next couple of months take all of us through a major reassessment regarding money, relationships, and spiritual matters. Positively, both Jupiter and Uranus (in different ways) reflect a motivation to find solutions outside current understanding. Certainty beyond belief! Jupiter has a 12-year cycle, whereas Uranus has an 84-year cycle, which is 7 x 12 years. The number 7 is very important this month.

We are challenged to show a pure part of ourselves to the world this month. By acting with the truth, without fear, and not settling for less we will learn more about ourselves. If we set our sights high enough, we can achieve anything this month. The truth will always win!

What is your truth? Say it out loud!

Chodesh tov,



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