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Welcoming Change

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great." - John D. Rockefeller

Welcome to Scorpio, a fantastic month in which we take all the energy that we received in the preceding month of Libra (which was chocked full of powerful cosmic windows in time), and push the play button on our new year.

Combined with the fact that Jupiter has entered Scorpio as of October 11, we are in for a month of transformation on all levels, particularly those ones that we usually keep hidden. The Jupiter in Scorpio transit brings the mysteries of life and death to the surface, and heralds a chance for us to find healing of our deepest issues. So pack your bags, and get ready to make a leap forward on your spiritual journey!

If you compare the month of Libra which was full of light, numerous gatherings and revealed energy, to a glittering and bright city skyline in the moment of a breathtaking sunset, the month of Scorpio can seem like a dark and desolate landscape in the middle of the night. Of all the months of the year, Scorpio is the only one that does not have any special windows in time, or kabbalistic holidays. For that reason, it is often referred to as Mar Cheshvan, mar meaning "bitter." But don't be fooled by this description. As we know, this universe operates in polarity – where there is seemingly darkness, there is the greatest potential for Light. The same applies here. 

Although there doesn't seem to be much going on in this month except a return to the daily work of life after a month of continual "highs" for the soul, there is tremendous energy available (be it just below the surface), to manifest through dedicated effort and focus. In this time, it is within our power, to turn bitter to sweet (mar to matok), to zoom in on those areas of our lives where we have continually faced challenge, and to finally implement the the change we've been working towards.

Three animals traditionally symbolize this month's energy. First there is the Scorpion itself, which happens to be the only animal that will kill itself rather than be killed. It conjures what we might deem the negative side of Scorpio -energies like suspicion, jealousy, revenge, fear and control. Then there is the eagle, which has the laser sharp vision and focus to soar high above and yet see all that happens on the ground, conjuring the sharp intuition, determination and power of this sign. Last but not least, there is the the phoenix, which is a mythical bird that is able to regenerate itself, creating new life from the ashes of the one that came before. This third symbol is the one I would like us to focus on. Now is the time to give up the the old, in order to allow for the new. Having left our old selves from the previous year behind, we rise with renewed perspective and a clean slate.

Whether you are a Scorpio or not, you will feel the push and pull of this month's dark deep waters in the coming weeks. Be conscious not to be distracted by fears and uncertainties that may arise. Keep a Zohar handy and maintain your daily spiritual connections to keep your energy high and your consciousness in a place of certainty and light.

The month of Scorpio is truly a wonderful time to work hard towards your goals and to dive inside and really decide if you are living in alignment with your highest truth. Just remember that it is ever important to live in awareness and appreciation of the present moment, to be conscious to treat those around us with kindness and care, and to be willing to bend when we most want to hold fast to being right.

Keep your spiritual work a priority upon which the rest of your efforts can flourish and blossom. Enjoy the energy, the power of this month, and own your Light so you can better love and share the beauty of your authentic "beingness" for the benefit of yourself, those around you and the world at a large.

Wishing you a powerful month of transformation,



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