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What is Pesach?

The holiday of Pesach is a cosmic code to a truth beyond our five senses, a truth that disconnects you from all negativity and allows you to understand the world in which we live. Pesach gives you the confidence to stand up for yourself and be full of certainty, so that you are not influenced by others’ actions, opinions or words.

When you have the strength of a connection to the Light of the Creator, you are free. Free from doubts, free from the desires of the ego and free from the pressures of the physical world. Free from chaos in all of its incarnations. You are not limited by your desire for approval. You follow the guidance of your heart and soul’s true desires.

Pesach is a passport for transcending through all borders of fear and doubt that limit your freedom. Historically, it is known as the celebration of the miraculous departure of the Israelites from Egypt, though this story is actually a code.

Egypt symbolizes all of the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual limitations we possess. The 16th century kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria (The Ari) taught that you are still stuck in Egypt when you do not act and speak from your true self.

By practicing the restriction of selfish desire and transforming it instead into a Desire to Share, you connect to the Light. By connecting to the Light available during Pesach, we control the power of growth and rejuvenation in our lives, eliminating chaos at the same time.

The kabbalistic connections made during Pesach taps you into a force of energy that allows you to be free from the illusions of the 1% world and connect to the 99% reality, which in turn will help you overcome the ways in which you hold yourself back from speaking your truth and acting out your life mission.

Part of Pesach involves partaking in a sit-down dinner known as the Seder. While it is pleasurable to meet and dine with hundreds of people from all over the world, the meal is actually a spiritual procedure. It’s truly a feast for the soul.

Seder means “order” in Hebrew. Unlike the rest of the year, when unseen spiritual forces pummel you every which way, you now have the chance, through the spiritual technology of the Seder, to put order into the events of your life.

All the items that appear on the Seder plate — when charged with the energy of Pesach — become highly sophisticated instruments that connect you to the different elevations of the Ten Sefirot, the kabbalistic Tree of Life.

It means you get to be in control of your destiny.


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