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How To Transform This Week: Expand Your Capacity to Love

The best place to find the Light is in the hearts of people. This is why we study. To assist us in our life’s work of expanding our capacity to love.  

Here are 7 resources to help you EXPAND YOUR CAPACITY TO LOVE this week. 

1. Friendships are the very purpose of our lives. 

3 Reasons Friendship is the Spiritual Purpose of Our Lives
Article by The Kabbalah Centre

2. Every interaction is an opportunity for us to learn how to love.   

To Feel The Light
Article by Karen Berg 

3. There is a reservoir of love within each of us, and our purpose it to reveal it. 

A Critical Mass of Love
Video with Michael Berg 

4. Love is selfless. To love another as much as we love ourselves means making sure that the others’ needs are taken care of before ours. 

Loving Others As We Love Ourselves
Article by Michael Berg 

5. Radical kindness is staying open when you want to close; suspending judgment when it feels almost impossible not to judge. It means being curious instead of reactive. 

What Kindness Really Means
Article by Monica Berg 

6. There is only one spiritual requirement: Love thy neighbor. The rest is commentary. 

Loving Thy Neighbor as Thyself
Video with Eitan Yardeni 

7. In a word: Love. That is what kabbalah is all about. 

Love Thy Neighbor
Video with Rav Berg 

Want more inspiration?

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