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From the Heart

If an individual is baking bread and wishes to have the inclusion of the Light force in this preparation, they must draw upon that Light force. I’m giving you this outlandish example, but yes even in baking. Even in cooking, we know that if you prepare something and it’s done with love, it tastes different than it would if the energy, or Light force of God, or what we refer to as love, had not been included within this preparation. 

You may have a very specific idea that you wish to convey, and yet you can have an audience of 10,000 people and what you said may have been understood in 10,000 different ways. Some people may not even listen to what we have to say sometimes. Why it that our own children sometimes don’t hear what we have to say?

“But it’s so clear, why is it so difficult to understand?” is our constant frustration to family and friends, to whomever we want to impart some good advice, and yet it remains unheard. 

My friends, before we even make an attempt to give advice, to speak to our children, our families, and to one another, we must first think to give love.

It is only when we speak from the heart that we reach the heart of another human being.

*Taken in part from the Rav’s 2002 lecture on the portion of Va’era. 


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