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Connecting to Certainty

Balak and Bilaam were two people bent on destroying Israel. The Zohar says that these two individuals are metaphors and that the last two letters of their names: Ayin and Mem (for Bilaam), and Lamed and Kuf (for Balak) combined together—Ayin, Mem, Lamed, Kuf form the word amalek, which is a coded instrument that remains abstruse and shrouded in secrecy, and unappealing to the rational consciousness. The entire Bible is filled with codes and messages that have to be deciphered and the code breaker is the Zohar.

The code word amalek is telling us that the enemy we all experience, whether we call it illness, financial failure, or social ills, has one singular root cause. The Zohar goes on to explain that in the Book of Exodus, the nation of Amalek is merely a metaphor for doubt and uncertainty. The word amalek has the same numerical value as the word Safek, which is doubt. The Zohar says that doubt and uncertainty are the cause of all disease.

In the Bible, we are talking about people who saw the Ten Plagues and defied the rules with their consciousness and overturned the principles of nature. They experienced the Splitting of the Red Sea and Manna from Heaven and yet when they lacked water, they complained to Moses, “Why did you bring us to this place? Take us back to Egypt.”

What happened to their consciousness? It is not like they had time to forget. They had a short memory. The Zohar says that this is us today; the minute something turns and seems as if it is all over, uncertainty creeps in. How can we be sure from one day to the next if we cannot bring our consciousness to a level of certainty? 

The kabbalists have given us tools; for example, the word VadaiVav, Dalet, Alef, Yud, which is “certainty”; and the Zohar is a document that has a life of its own. Its letters give life, which is why the wisdom of Kabbalah can survive for more than 4000 years.

The donkey in this biblical story of Balak spoke. This portion makes no sense literally. The Zohar says it is a compellation of letters and verses that are put together to help us remove uncertainty. One day the curtain will be set aside and the world will discover that everything is very simple. But because we believe in chaos—the Tree of Knowledge Good and Bad—we are not familiar with the concept of removing uncertainty and thus it affects our destiny.

This is our opportunity to remove it—we have the same tools that were given to the Israelites. It was there then and is here now in the form of the Zohar, which explains that the physical is never the problem. If we remove the physical problem it will not solve the problem.

With this portion, we have the opportunity to connect to the energy and the support of certainty that can allow the healing nature of the Light to do its work; with certainty we can enhance our immune system to repel disease.


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