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Receiving the Ability to Read People

If we could read everyone, how much thievery would go on, how could we hide our inner feelings? We do not have to work with a partner for 20 years only to discover later that he is a thief or marry a woman and find out after decades it was not the best match. We all experience misjudgment of character and incompatibilities at one time or another but the Zohar has provided us with information gleaned from Yitro on how to facilitate, through observation and understanding, the complications that arise in our lives. When we scratch below the surface, what we receive with this portion in the Zohar is the knowledge and methodology by which we can recognize people. Behind all the education and knowledge is energy. It is not simply a question of just knowing; of looking at some lines. These lines speak out to us.

The Zohar says every experience shows on the exterior of a person and indicates the internal characteristic of that individual. What this discussion is about is that we can truly see, we can tell immediately. We do not have to go through the problems that most of us and the world in general undergoes. There is a system, and the system is in the Zohar.

This is all a prelude to the verses detailing the Ten Utterances at the Mount Sinai event. It is all about immortality, about removing that one cause that creates chaos in one’s body, the environment, and everywhere. The Zohar explains that Yitro advising Moses regarding the court system is significant enough to mention leading up to the Ten Utterances at Mount Sinai. Yet, what does Yitro have to do with the Ten Utterances, which is most significant to man, more important than even the Exodus from Egypt?

We can capture this knowledge unconsciously. Although we may not know why, we will be more comfortable with one person and not with another. This conversation between Moses and his father-in-law is not something Moses needed; it is far deeper than that. From the Bible and the Zohar we are receiving the ability to read people, to really see people around us and remove all those layers that are blinding us.


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