The literal translation of Tzav is “commandment.” However, the Zohar very clearly states that to follow a commandment is, actually, idol worship.

What do we do then, in The Kabbalah Centre and in synagogues around the world, if we are not following the commandments? According to the Zohar, most synagogues are engaging in idol worship, because they are practicing the external commandments without making the inner connection. At The Kabbalah Centre, however, we learn how to make this inner connection so that we can better connect to the Light of the Creator.

The Zohar portion of Tzav lists all the sacrifices that the Israelites were commanded to make, the purpose of which, people traditionally think, was to please God. But we understand from the Zohar that “sacrifice,” really means to sacrifice our chaos. These sacrifices we make are a method for us to connect to the Light of the Creator, a power which requires nothing from us. These sacrifices are for us to have the benefit of the Light in our lives; they are not done for the Light.

The various types of sacrifices that are mentioned in Tzav correspond to the different levels of chaos in the world. Chaos comes in different ways, from different levels, and in different intensities. Therefore, the sacrifices that are discussed in Tzav are our way of eliminating the different levels of chaos from our lives.

When we read about the sacrifices that were performed by the Israelites, we are given the opportunity and ability to transcend time, space and motion, and repair the chaos that we have created in the universe.

This is, in fact, the idea of quantum theory. These sacrifices have the power to instantly repair and clean out the negative actions done years before; they radiate an energy that is beyond our perception, beyond our five senses. As humans, we were given a level of consciousness that allows us to be greater than animals, to understand and experience more; and yet dogs can perceive sounds that we humans cannot. The reason for this is that most humans are caught in worshipping the dimension of only what the five senses perceive.

Tzav is one of the special Zohar portions we read to prepare for the month of Nissan (Aries). It also helps prepare us for the tremendous removal of chaos that takes place during the spiritual holiday of Pesach (Passover). It is important that people who celebrate Pesach have an awakened consciousness, knowing what Pesach is about and how to connect to its energy. With this consciousness and in this way, we can help to generate more energy and a more positive effect on the world.

In Tzav, the Zohar is teaching us the power of consciousness. If you truly want to help another individual, you must feel their pain—which is a way for you to be cleansed yourself. It all comes down to consciousness; your consciousness determines if you stay on Satan’s playing field or on the Light’s playing field.

To be on the Light’s playing field means to be a being of sharing, but not in the way where you think that giving charity is simply a nice thing to do to help an organization. You need to realize that giving charity is a tool for you to remove your chaos. If you have the consciousness of charity, then this consciousness puts you on the playing field of the Light. Kabbalah teaches and provides many tools to expand consciousness; the Zohar being the ultimate one.

Read the full Zohar portion of Tzav and connect to the energy of the week here.


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