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The Zohar

The universe began not with an atom or a subatomic particle, but with the thought of creation which encompassed a world in which every human being would enjoy total happiness and fulfillment, free from any form of chaos or pain. This is what the Creator desires and intends. But bringing about the realization of the Creator’s desire is up to us. For the manifestation of complete fulfillment to take place, we need to evolve into our truest, greatest selves. In our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions, we need to erase negativity and replace darkness with Light. It is for this purpose that the teachings and tools of Kabbalah were given to all humanity. The greatest of these tools is The Zohar.

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The Zohar, meaning “Splendor” in ancient Hebrew, is not meant to be regarded the way we regard other books. It is unlike any book that has ever been or ever will be. Its origin is Light, its purpose is to bring Light, and its nature and substance are Light; so much so that the mere possession of the Zohar—even if it is never opened—can keep darkness from seeping into a house, and so much so that the mere scanning of its words—without any comprehension of their meaning— will surround the house and its occupants with an aura of protection.

For these words are imbued with the Light of the Creator. In fact, the ancient sages declared that this sacred text contains everything worth knowing and experiencing in this world. As the kabbalists explain, when we scan the Zohar’s pages in their original language of Aramaic, a deep connection to the Creator’s Light comes into being. This takes place in every area of our lives, including our relationships, our spiritual work, and our physical work.

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