Tikkune Zohar Exhibit in Amsterdam

For the first time ever, the Tikkunei Zohar is being featured in the Kabbalah: Art of Jewish Mysticism exhibit in Amsterdam.

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Jul 3, 2019

KCCC Gives Back to Nature!

This June, Kabbalah Centres from around the world came together for our 2nd Charitable Causes outreach day of 2019 and gave back to mother earth

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Jun 20, 2019

Upcoming: Higher Love Seminar in Boston!

If you're in Boston on Thursday, June 27th, this is the place to be. Join Michael & Monica Berg for a complimentary fun, profound relationship talk and receive kabbalistic insights into our most intimate and important relationships.

Jun 17, 2019

Lag B'Omer Around the World

On Wednesday, May 22, over 2,200 students and teachers came together to celebrate the Zohar, here are some of our favorite highlights.