October 8, 2019

Year End Review: Accomplishments of 2019

During the Rosh Hashanah international event in New York, Michael Berg shared an update on the Kabbalah Centre’s amazing accomplishments over the past year. His focus was on 2 key areas: to bring the wisdom of Kabbalah to the world and to disseminate the light of the Zohar. By uniting in this vision, we will bring the change our world so desperately needs.

Bringing Kabbalah to the masses was a notable achievement of 2019. Nearly 60 million people were exposed to the wisdom of Kabbalah and we almost doubled the number of Kabbalah 1 courses that were offered in 2018. There are more opportunities than ever before for new students to start their spiritual journey with us. As a result, we warmly welcomed 12,300 new people in Kabbalah 1 intro classes. Big thank you to the endless care and support of our teachers, Chevre, staff, donors and volunteers!

Kabbalah 1 Intro Class in Los Angeles

The success of a Zohar fundraising campaign allowed us to share and reveal the light of 10,000 Zohars this year. Our Zohar projects went to Austin and Boston, and students visited some of the most in need places around the world to spread this energy. 

A Zohar miracle story inspires a student to donate Zohars to every student in Kabbalah 1

While there is still work to do, we could not have gotten this far without the continuous love and support of our community. Together we are one and we look forward to the gifts that 2020 will bring!