March 8, 2019

Bringing the Kabbalah ONE class experience into the digital world

With life getting busier, and constant pressure to multitask, it can be hard to find time for what's important. We understand and want to meet you where you're at in life. We are pleased to announce, a learning platform bringing the Kabbalah ONE class experience into the digital world. Our mission is to bring this sacred knowledge to you and others without location or time constraints. We want to make it more convenient for you to study at your own pace, go back and rewatch teachings and sessions as many times as you would like, provide study materials that add value to the teachings, give messaging and chat access to teachers, and hopefully more digital features to come. Whether you're completely new to studying Kabbalah or if you've taken several classes at Kabbalah Centres around the world, we hope you take advantage of this new platform and way of learning. We welcome feedback to continually evolve and spread the light.

Get access at or share the wisdom with someone you know who would enjoy the experience.