May 7, 2019

Catalyst for Good

Two weeks ago, in his Kabbalah 1 class, David Grundman, mentioned the Zohar to a group of new students for the first time. He shared that the Zohar is not only the source of all the kabbalistic wisdom, but that it is also a book of Light with the tremendous energy of protection. After the class ended, two students, who are also cousins, inquired further about the Zohar, and ended up purchasing a mini Zohar from the bookstore.

The two students followed each other on the drive home. The student in the first car noticed helicopters and a lot of commotion happening on the street. Approaching a traffic intersection, she realized the helicopters were police on a high-speed chase. As the traffic light ahead of her was turning yellow, she made a quick decision to hit the gas and go through the intersection. In that moment she realized she forgot about her cousin following behind her and feared to look back, worrying that she could have been hit. Luckily, her cousin’s instinct was not to hit the gas, but instead slammed on her breaks. In the split of a second the high-speed car slipped right between them. Safe and untouched, they knew this was the power of the Zohar.

This powerful story was shared with our Los Angeles community on Shabbat and has snowballed into a beautiful pay-it-forward movement. A long-time student heard this story at Shabbat and was immediately inspired to purchase enough Sacred Zohars so all 321 students in Kabbalah 1, 2, and 3 could have one. Then, as they were being handed out to the classes, one of the recipients felt its power, and made the decision to grant a generous donation to support the LA Centre. To continue the magic; that same day, a third community member purchased 17 more boxes to give to the students. In less than 2 weeks, over $9,000 worth of gifts have been given and hundreds of Sacred Zohars are making their way into the homes of new students and our community.  This movement has strengthened the bond within our Centre, and will continue to inspire us as time goes on. 

Thank you to those who shared their story and to those who donated these amazing gifts. You are greatly appreciated and your generosity is changing the world.