October 31, 2019

Connection to the Rav

Connecting to the day that a righteous soul leaves the physical world gives us the ability to tap into the support from all of the Light they revealed in their life. On Thursday, October 10th, Centre’s worldwide spent the evening celebrating the life of our teacher, Rav Berg through storytelling, music, lighting candles, and food.

Taking great risks to reveal the secrets of Kabbalah to all of us, the Rav impacted millions of lives by opening the Kabbalah Centre as we know it today. On this day, we connect to the energy of certainty and all the strength of the Rav. 

170 students in Miami shared a meal and memories of the Rav

463 students in person or online gathered to sing and hear stories from Karen Berg and Eitan Yardeni.

150 students in New York celebrated the life of Rav Berg.