November 12, 2019

History is Made: Pope Francis receives the first English translated Tikunei haZohar

It’s with a great achievement that the first volume of the Tikunei haZohar has been published in English. Not since The Zohar was published in 2001 have new revelations of this magnitude been made available in English. While The Zohar is a compilation of the wisdom and experiences revealed by Rav Shimon bar Yochai, his son Rav Elazar, and their friends, the Tikunei haZohar is something completely different. Its focus is on the 70 Kabbalistic interpretations (tikkunim) of the first word of the Torah, “Beresheet.” 

These are secrets that have been waiting to be revealed during our generation and will catapult the cosmic support available in bringing about the end of pain, suffering, and death. Volume 1 contains a detailed introduction along with 17 of the 70 interpretations. In addition to the Vatican, the Tikunei haZohar has made its way to the Morgan Library in New York and the Jewish Cultural Quarter in Amsterdam. 

Special thank you to Sandra Gering for your generous involvement in this momentous task!