December 31, 2019

Holiday Spirit

Kabbalah teaches that appreciation for what we have leads to a higher level of sharing and attracts new blessings into our lives. In the spirit of the holidays, Kabbalah Centres worldwide engaged in charitable actions by giving back to their communities.  

In Madrid and Berlin, volunteers wrapped gifts for children in homeless shelters across their cities. In the United States, over 100 volunteers from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York, partnered with local organizations to provide food and warm meals to homeless men, women and children in need.

Not only are these acts of sharing bringing warmth to our neighbors, they’re bringing us closer to each other and our purpose in this world.

May your holidays be filled with sharing and many blessings to you all!

The Berlin Centre wrapped gifts to give to children throughout the local homeless shelters

Volunteers in Madrid wrapped gifts for children through the Soñar despierto foundation

Los Angeles served dinner to a local shelter through the Midnight Mission

New York partnered with Heart's of Gold to serve meals to homeless mothers and children