November 21, 2016

Introducing Rav Berg Legacy Project

Rav Berg brought the wisdom of Kabbalah to the masses, inspiring countless people to improve their lives and to change the lives of others in turn. Certain of its power to eliminate chaos and create lasting peace, The Rav worked tirelessly to share Kabbalah with all who sought it.

In doing so, The Rav gifted us with over two decades of writings, audio recordings, and lessons on videotape. The Kabbalah Centre recently launched Rav Berg Legacy Project to catalog and digitize these extensive archives, including over 5,000 audio recordings, 1,600 video recordings, and 100 handwritten manuscripts and letters.

Rav Berg Legacy Project will make this trove of spiritual wisdom available to students in a variety of formats. Two new books are coming soon: Rav Berg's Portions Book, which catalogs Rav Berg's teachings on every Zohar portion; and Rav Berg's Biography, detailing his life story.

In addition to printed works, Rav Berg Legacy Project will exhibit The Rav’s teachings online. The Rav Berg Master Class, a new series of 100 expertly edited classes, will be available to all members of Kabbalah University, and a new social media campaign, Rav Berg Digital, brings the simple, yet powerful teachings of The Rav to the masses.

Rav Berg Legacy Project will also implement a teacher training program with a new curriculum for current and new Kabbalah Centre Teachers based on Rav Berg's Ten Luminous Emanations.

It was The Rav's dream that one day everyone on the planet would have access to the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is our goal to ensure this happens by preserving The Rav’s work for future generations and by sharing it with all people who desire to learn.