September 9, 2019

KCCC Focuses on Education

This fall, Kabbalah Centre’s partnered with 8 non profit organizations around the world  to focus on Education.

Together, 174 of our volunteers donated 2,978 school item (such as Backpacks, binders, pencils etc...), painted 4 different areas in a new school,  mentored the mentally disabled with creative art projects, and organized school supplies for 20,180 students worldwide.

Thank you to all our volunteers and staff who helped make these events happen!

New York students & staff at operation backpack

students from st. louis painting lift for life academy

miami students & staff sorting school supplies for broward outreach centres

mexico city students donating books and zohars to a shelter for girls who were previously on the street

Boca raton's back to school drive for ADVA

austin student mentoring an art project for the mentally disabled at arc of austin

los angeles students & staff organizing school supplies at the all peoples community centre