April 29, 2019

Matzah Bakery in Brooklyn

On Friday, April 19th, in the borough of Brooklyn, 60 of our New York students came together to make Matzat Mitzvah in our bakery.

Kabbalistically, Matzah is one of the tools that we connect to on Pesach.  When one eats Matzah, it can help us do three things on a spiritual level: diminishes our ego, connect to healing energy, and strengthens our certainty in the Light. And the Matzah baked in the 12 hours prior to Pesach, Matzat Mitzvah, is even more powerful and is traditionally eaten in the Seder. Together our community made 55 boxes which were distributed and shared in the NY Seder

This production was possible thanks to a generous donation and the hard work of our staff and students. Thank you for making this possible, we hope to share more exciting opportunities like this with you in the future!