May 23, 2019

Sacred Zohar Price Reduction Update

As of April 3, 2019, the Sacred Zohar is being sold at a reduced price, from $101 to only $26. In addition, a box of 8 Sacreds is being sold for $101. This project is made possible by generous donations. We are 41% to our goal of raising $800,000, which will reduce the price of 25,000 Sacred Zohars!

The reduction project is directly supporting the Rav Berg’s long held dream of placing a Zohar in every home.  It is inspiring members of our community to share the Zohar with their friends and family, new Kabbalah students, and within their own communities, therefore spreading the powerful energy of the Zohar to more and more people. Owning and sharing the Zohar is more accessible than ever before.

The Kabbalah Centre would like to thank our generous donors who have contributed to this effort, and all of those who have purchased a Zohar. For more information about the Sacred Zohar Reduction Project, click below.