November 15, 2018

Zohar Project in Las Vegas

The Zohar Project Tour Las Vegas just completed its fourth stop on the 2018 tour.  Over 55 volunteers convened to share the Zohar with the people and institutions of Las Vegas.  The Zohar is now found in many casinos and hotels, fire stations, police stations, hospitals and many other places that can benefit from the Light of the Zohar.  One evening, all the volunteers assembled at the Red Rock Canyon to enjoy a lecture & meditation with Yehuda Dan, the head Kabbalah Teacher of Las Vegas.  We had a powerful Kabbalastic Shabbat to share the good energy with Las Vegas.  We shared 312 Sacred and 1060 Pinchas on this Zohar Project.  We look forward to seeing you on our next stop on the Zohar Project Tour:  Austin, Texas in early 2019!