January 11, 2017

Zohar Project Tour Visits Haiti

The energy of the Zohar has always been the beating heart of all we do at The Kabbalah Centre. Rav Berg believed that there was no greater way to manifest blessings than to share the Zohar with others. In the early days of the Rav’s work, the very notion of welcoming people from every walk of life to study Zohar was revolutionary and, in many circles, quite controversial. Undaunted, the Rav went on to create The Zohar Project; it wasn’t enough to invite people in, the Rav wanted to bring the Zohar to the people.

In 2016, the Zohar Project’s volunteers continued the work of the Rav by traveling in teams to different cities, sharing the Zohar unconditionally, as part of the Zohar Project Tour. More than 22,500 Zohars have been distributed in U.S. cities including Austin, Detroit, Seattle, San Francisco, Charleston, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and Nashville as part of this program.

Most recently, the Zohar Project Tour visited Haiti. Consumed by poverty and lacking in basic infrastructure, the people of Haiti face one of the most serious humanitarian crises in the world. On January 15 - 19, a team of 25 Zohar Project volunteers shared 1,500 Zohars with hospitals, women's shelters, government offices and local families in Port-Au-Prince and Cite Soleil.