Parenting as a Balanced Team

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Parenting With Consciousness

Parenting as a Balanced Team

Published: December 31, 2013
Originally recorded: March 3, 2010

Lesson Highlights

  • Understanding our foundation for parenting
  • Partnering styles:
    • Mother knows best
    • Father knows best
    • Competitive
    • Insecure
    • Sabotage
  • Handling criticism
  • Focusing on our communication
  • Children sense everything
  • Sarcasm is toxic
  • Three partners in a child's life:
    1. Male energy (Chochmah)
    2. Female energy (Binah)
    3. The Light
  • Understanding our and our partner's strengths and weaknesses
  • Peace in the home (shalom bayit)

Lesson Description

Parents or caregivers need to have a balanced partnership in order to help their children grow into healthy, happy people. When parenters are focused on supporting one another they will discover what is best for their children.

Join Michal Berg, president of SFK, to learn how a cooperative relationship can contribute to a happy home for all.

About This Course

Join Michal Berg, President and CEO of Spirituality For Kids, as she shares tools and techniques based on her experiences as a parent and kabbalistic teachings in this powerful series designed to bring spirituality and practical tools into our lives as we take care of ourselves and our children.

Course Instructors