Lesson 54
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Ten Luminous Emanations
Lessons 41 - 60

Lesson 54

Published: November 21, 2013
Originally recorded: January 6, 2009

Lesson Highlights

  • Circular Vessels receiving Light and being influenced by the Kav
  • The Light now manifests according to the Kav, even in the Circular Vessels where there is no "higher or lower"
  • From the Circular Vessels' perspective there is no higher or lower. Light from the World of the Kav transposes the reality of higher and lower onto the Circular Vessels.
  • A paradox is created between the consciousness of the Circular Vessels and the changed Light of the Kav
  • Paradoxes: one reality that contains two opposite pictures; Joseph confronting and revealing himself to his brothers as an example
  • The World of Adam Kadmon and the Worlds of Tikun- Atzilut, Beriyah, Yetzirah, Asiyah which come about after Tzimtzum Bet
  • Each Partzuf has a head (upper part) body (middle part) and feet (lower part) in the Worlds of Tikun
  • The Partzuf of Keter is Arich Anpin; Chochmah, Aba; Binah, Ima; Zeir Anpin, Zeir Anpin; Malchut, Nukva
  • Tzimtzum Bet: mentioned in the Introduction to the Zohar and Beresheet A when it discusses rekiah- the new reality after Tzimtzum Bet
  • Tzimtzum AlefMalchut (Bechinah Dalet/the Fourth Phase) chooses not to receive Light; Bechinah Alef, Bet and Gimmel (Phases 1, 2, and 3 can still recieve Light)
  • Keter through Yesod have no negative influence from the Tzimtzum and can recieve from Chochmah
  • After Tzimtzum Bet, Malchut goes up to Binah; Binah can no longer receive Light. Binah is willing to be damaged to help Malchut correct
  • The willingness to be broken to help others correct and our spiritual work
  • Shem mi Shmuel: Jacob chose 130 years of pain to correct the sin of Adam so that no one else would need to endure that pain and joy could come later.
  • Taking on pain to help others is the basis of correction

About This Course

One of the most profound studies The Kabbalah Centre offers to our community, Ten Luminous Emanations is a study of the writings of master kabbalist Rav Ashlag that discuss the mysteries of life, the Creator and the cosmos. As Rav Berg explains, Ten Luminous Emanations is the software, that permits us to tap into what is already known out there in the universe that is structured, that knows no chaos. It is not the inability of the software or the hardware that may change our lives and enhance our lifestyles, but rather that if we could have the best software program and the best hardware. If I do not know how to press the buttons, the results will never be there. Join Michael Berg, Co-Director of The Kabbalah Centre, for this advanced study to elevate your consciousness and shift your perception of the world. 

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