Sukkot & Simchat Torah: Connecting to the Light of Mercy and Manifesting our Vessel

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Zohar Class With Eitan Yardeni

Sukkot & Simchat Torah: Connecting to the Light of Mercy and Manifesting our Vessel

Published: December 3, 2013
Originally recorded: September 23, 2007

Lesson Highlights

  • Sukkah from the word l'such: protection
  • Everything is consciousness; removing limited consciousness
  • Three major aspects of consciousness: Light of Wisdom (Or d'Chochmah) activated by the Desire to Recieve, Light of Mercy (Or d'Chassadim) activated by actions of sharing and mercy and the Desire to Recieve
  • Expanding our Desire to Recieve
  • The 22 Day Vessel Building Process:
    • Days 1-10 (Rosh Hashanah- Yom Kippur) Left Column; Cleansing the Vessel
    • Days 11-20 (Sukkot) Right Column; Connecting to the Light of Mercy
    • Days 21-22 (Simchat Torah) Central Column; Restriction and manifesting the energy
  • The structure of the sukkah: an antena for the energy of giving for the entire year
  • Appreciation and the Light of Mercy
  • Simchat Beit Hashoeva: the pouring of water and the energy of happiness
  • Being satiated shuts down joy and fulfillment
  • Happiness is circuitry and being a force of mercy
  • Emunah: certainty
  • Gifts of the Light of Mercy: appreciation, certainty, joy
  • Drawing the Light of Mercy of Binah by being in the sukkah, and the Light of Mercy of Zeir Anpin by through the Four Species, the Lulav and Etrog
  • Technology of the Four Species: the Lulav is made of myrtle, willow and palm branches, the etrog is a citron
  • The three myrtyle branches connect to Chessed, Gevurah and Tiferet (smell but no taste)
  • The Two willow branches connect to Netzach and Hod (no smell, no taste)
  • The Palm Branch connects to Yesod (taste, but no smell)
  • The Etrog/Citron connects to Malchut (smell and taste)
  • Taste represents the physical action of giving, smell represents the heart of giving. The different combinations in the Four Species connect us to the complete aspect of giving
  • Consciousness and certainty when using the tools
  • Human dignity while in the sukkah
  • Simchat Torah manifests the energy of the previous 20 days

Lesson Description

Throughout the month of Libra we are in a process of creating our vessel for the coming year. The first ten days allow us to cleanse the left column, the eleventh through twentieth days help us tap into the Light of Mercy and our ability to share for the entire year and the final two days allow us to manifest everything we have created during the previous twenty days.

Join Eitan as he explains how the tools and technology of sukkot help us expand our potential and connect with the Light of Mercy.

About This Course

Written 2,000 years ago by Rav Shimon Bar Yochai, the Zohar explains all of the secrets of the Bible, the Universe and every aspect of life. The Zohar class is a weekly journey to understand the energy and challenges that will confront us during the week and how we can elevate our consciousness to prevent chaos from occurring in our lives.

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