Lesson 2: A Chain of Kabbalists

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Kabbalists Around the World

Lesson 2: A Chain of Kabbalists

Published: January 22, 2014
Originally recorded: July 31, 2013

Lesson Highlights

  • Mind over matter: physical reality in the Holy Temple
    • First Temple: 825 – 587 BC
    • Second Temple: 516 BC – 70 CE
  • Rav Shimon Bar Yochai, 140 – 200 CE:
    • Channeling The Zohar: the portable Holy Temple
    • Challenging the Angel of Death
  • Rav Isaac Luria (The Ari), 1534 – 1572 CE: creating positive or negative angels through our actions
  • Rav Shalom Sharabi (Rashash), 1700 CE from Yemin and Jerusalem:
    • Concealing his wisdom
    • Pain and suffering removes negativity
  • The Baal Shem Tov, 1700’s CE:
    • Established the Hassidic Movement in Ukraine, 1750 – 1900 CE
    • Connecting to the Creator through joy and happiness
  • Rav Dov Ber of Mezeritch (The Maggid), 1700’s CE:
    • Successor of the Baal Shem Tov
    • Finding spirituality: studying Kabbalah from the soul
  • Rav Elimelech of Lizhensk, 1700’s CE:
    • A student and successor of the Maggid of Mezeritch
    • The unbreakable bond with his brother, Rav Zusha of Anipoli
    • The essence of humility and loyalty
  • Rav Shmuel Shmelke of Nikolsburg, 1700’s CE:
    • A student of the Maggid of Mezeritch
    • Friendship, love and respect between two righteous souls
  • Rav Ashlag, 1885 CE – 1955 CE:
    • The teacher of Rav Brandwein, Rav Berg's teacher
    • First writings of Kabbalah in layman terms
    • Spiritual rules are unique for each of us: opposing our reactive nature
    • Staying on our spiritual path each day

Lesson Description

Join Meir as he shares stories about select master kabbalists living from 280 CE to today who handed down the wisdom of Kabbalah from teacher to student. Through these stories we gain insight into the teachings of Rav and Karen Berg, The Kabbalah Centre today and the bigger picture for fulfilling our purpose in life.

About This Course

Learn selected teachings from the lineage of Master Kabbalists including the Baal Shem Tov, Rav Elimelech of Lizhensk, Rav Zusha of Anipoli, Rav Berg and others on a variety of topics that will help you become more aware of your potential and spiritual process to overcome challenges and take your life to the next level in this six lesson course with Meir Yeshurun.

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