Harmony Between Light & Vessel

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The Tree of Life: Based on the Teachings of Rav Ashlag

Harmony Between Light & Vessel

Published: October 13, 2021
Originally recorded: June 2, 2021

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Lesson Highlights

  • Panim Masbirot from Rav Ashlag
  • The amount of Light that will emanate is according to the Desire to Receive the fulfillment of that Light, no less and no more
  • The Desire to Receive that emanated from the Endless Light is a Makom (place)
  • If we do not have a place for the Light to dwell (proper Vessel before Tzimtzum), the Light cannot stay; it can come, but it cannot stay
  • Before the Endless Light was the Essence, which did not include a Vessel (Desire to Receive) within it
  • The Vessel (Desire to Receive) was included later on within the Endless Light
  • Now we can understand the concept: before the Creation of the Universes, He and His Name were one
  • He refers to (the Endless Light), and His Name refers to Makom (place) or Desire to Receive
  • In His Name, there was no change of form from the Light itself
  • The moment we feel lack, we know the Vessel and the Light are not one, unified
  • Many times we are in a place (stuck in a desire, situation, etc.) where we need to stop, pause, and find the Light; we will not find the Light moving to another place
  • If there is any change or lack in a given place (relative to the Endless Light), now there are two places (a change and a lack)

Homework: Reflect on the places you find yourself in your life, and in these places, start looking for where the Light is.

Lesson Description

In this lesson, Yehuda concludes his discussion on the relationship between Vessel and Light, particularly the way in which the consciousness of lack creates separation. Learn more about the power of simply pausing and keeping our mind settled in one place before taking an action as a means to keep the Light with us as we transition from thought to action.

About This Course

Rav Yehuda Ashlag, renowned founder of The Kabbalah Centre, wrote several seminal kabbalistic texts that illustrate key understandings for applying the ancient wisdom into our lives. Amongst his works is a book on the Tree of Life – otherwise known as the Ten Emanations/Sefirot that make up our reality – which provides a foundation on how to connect with the consciousness behind each of the Ten Emanations, giving us the ability to awaken that particular level in our life. Join us for an in-depth study of each of the Ten Emanations as detailed in Rav Ashlag’s book, 'Tree of Life with Panim Meirot and Panim Masbirot'. As we study Rav Ashlag’s powerful insights into the Sefirot, we’ll learn how to build a unified consciousness with the intention of elevating not only ourselves, but the entire world to a level free from pain and suffering.

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