The Vessel Desires to Be Like the Light

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The Tree of Life: Based on the Teachings of Rav Ashlag

The Vessel Desires to Be Like the Light

Published: October 13, 2021
Originally recorded: May 12, 2021

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Lesson Highlights

  • Panim Meirot (Rav Ashlag)
  • Remember The Ari said there was endless Simple Light, and then a desire was aroused to create Universes
  • The Malchut (Vessel) of the Endless Light is called Makom (place)
  • Before Creation, He (Endless Light) and His Names (Vessels- places for the Endless Light to reside) were unified
  • Names is a term for Vessels, and Vessels refer to Desire to Receive the Endless Light
  • The numerology of Ratzon (desire) equals 345, the same numerical value of the word Shmo (name); desire and names are interchangeable
  • He and His Names are one
  • Fulfillment comes from being simple
  • The Vessel of the Endless Light was aroused to create a contraction, to be elevated: to have more dvekut (cleaving) to the Endless Light, to have more similarity of form to the Endless Light
  • By contracting, the Vessel (Desire to Receive) could become more like the Endless Light (Desire to Share)
  • In the Ein Sof (Endless Reality), the Vessel of the Endless Light was a passive receiver
  • The Vessel transformed from one that emanates to the emanator
  • After the Vessel transformed, there became four levels of the Desire to Receive
  • When we do restriction, we protect the Endless Light
  • With restriction, the Universe will naturally create a Tzimtzum, and a desire will go through different phases, but not reactively

Homework: Reflect on one area in your life where you want to elevate your Desire to Receive to a Desire to Share; where your Vessel can be more like the Light, and therefore, more unified with the Light.

Lesson Description

Tzimtzum was a result of the Vessel’s desire to be like the Light. Join Yehuda as he explains how contracting and changing form allowed the Vessel the opportunity to act like the Light and how this concept shows up in our everyday lives.

About This Course

Rav Yehuda Ashlag, renowned founder of The Kabbalah Centre, wrote several seminal kabbalistic texts that illustrate key understandings for applying the ancient wisdom into our lives. Amongst his works is a book on the Tree of Life – otherwise known as the Ten Emanations/Sefirot that make up our reality – which provides a foundation on how to connect with the consciousness behind each of the Ten Emanations, giving us the ability to awaken that particular level in our life. Join us for an in-depth study of each of the Ten Emanations as detailed in Rav Ashlag’s book, 'Tree of Life with Panim Meirot and Panim Masbirot'. As we study Rav Ashlag’s powerful insights into the Sefirot, we’ll learn how to build a unified consciousness with the intention of elevating not only ourselves, but the entire world to a level free from pain and suffering.

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