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According to Kabbalah, every week comes woven with its own energy and opportunities for transformation. When you connect with each week's energy and its lessons, you'll be empowered to make major shifts in your life. Learn more with the lessons recommended for the energy of this week.

We Are In the Book of Deuteronomy

Ha'Azinu Portion

Sep 16 - Sep 22, 2018

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Book of Exodus

Dec 31 - Mar 10, 2018

The Book of Exodus is encoded with spiritual technology that can help us to free ourselves from those things that enslave us in our own lives.


Book of Leviticus

Mar 11 - May 12, 2018

The sacrifices detailed in the Book of Leviticus describe how the greatest of sacrifices can bring the greatest rewards.


Book of Numbers

May 12 - Jul 13, 2018

The concepts of slavery and true freedom which persist throughout the Book of Numbers represent obstacles and opportunities to bright Light into our lives.


Book of Deuteronomy

Jul 14 - Sep 28, 2018

The Book of Deuteronomy gives us the energy to change our experience of life by changing our consciousness.


Book of Genesis

Sep 30 - Dec 23, 2018

The Book of Genesis provides a doorway through which we can enter a new and enlightened reality.