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3 Things to Appreciate About Your Spiritual Work

The idea of “spiritual work” doesn’t sound very fun. We live such busy lives that the idea of taking on more “work” can seem pretty daunting. Yet, most of us understand that it is important for our own peace and for the betterment of the world that we devote some time to our spirituality. We know we are supposed to do it, but sometimes we just don’t feel like it! 

In studying kabbalah, we often hear about awakening our appreciation for our spiritual work. The more we appreciate the power of what we are doing, the more driven and devoted to the work we become. As important as the work itself is, it’s also important that we find appreciation for the work.

Here are 3 things to help remind you how special your spiritual work is:

The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah has been passed down through generations via the Torah and the Zohar, but it was not always accessible to everyone. Even those who were fortunate enough to study the ancient texts often found them challenging to understand.

We are lucky to live in a time when we have numerous resources available to us. Not only do we have the ancient texts, but the writings of the Ari, Rav Ashlag, and the other kabbalists have given us a clearer understanding and interpretation of the wisdom. Likewise, we have access to teachers, classes, online videos, articles, and spiritual communities that support and guide us in our studies.

Knowing how blessed we are that we have access to so much wisdom at our fingertips should inspire us to take advantage of them. Think about how challenging our spiritual work would be without these resources! We have the incredible opportunity to use the wisdom to transform ourselves and the world around us.

According to the kabbalists, every time we draw Light into the world, even more Light is revealed in the spiritual worlds. Even the smallest connections can reveal tremendous Light.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the way our spiritual work is affecting the world. We may not notice any real change around us. But even if we can’t see the changes, it is important to know that they are happening. The more that we transform ourselves into more selfless people, the more Light we can reveal, and the more we can change the world!

The next time you feel like your spiritual work isn’t making much of a difference, remember that big changes are happening in the upper worlds! 

The kabbalists teach that our thoughts, even more than our words and actions, shape the world around us. Our thoughts are the most powerful way for us to grow closer to the Creator and draw Light into the world. Our spiritual work is designed to help us transform our consciousness. All of the writings and tools are meant to aid in that process.  

When we transform the way we see the world, we are able to bring tremendous blessings into the world. But it takes putting in the work! Remembering that we are changing the world through our own personal transformation can be a powerful motivator.

Spiritual work can be hard. But the more we push ourselves to do the work, the more we grow and change the world. Take a minute to appreciate how blessed you are to have the opportunity to study the wisdom, change your consciousness, and grow closer to the Creator. 


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