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5 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Make a Positive Change in the World

Social media has become a hot button issue in recent years. Whether it is related to cyberbullying, cell phone addiction, or social isolation, we often hear about the dark side of social media. The kabbalists teach that for everything, there is a positive and negative. Our experience of life is based on which of those two sides we choose to engage with. With the right consciousness, social media can be a powerful tool to help us connect spiritually with other people. Even with the Creator.

Here are 5 ways you can use social media to make a positive change in the world:

One of the most amazing things about social media is how it enables us to connect and reconnect with other people. It allows family members and friends who live far apart to stay involved in each other’s lives. As such, it gives us an opportunity to not only keep in touch, but to be there for each other. To celebrate together in moments of joy and listen and empathize in times of sorrow. If friendship is the essence of spirituality, as Kabbalah teaches us, then social media can help us build those friendships, giving us a chance to love, share, and support each other even from afar, all of which helps us grow closer to the Creator, too.   

Have you ever had someone leave you a message that made you smile and brightened your day? Every time we log in, we have the choice to use our words for positive or negative. Why not take the opportunity to spread joy? Give a compliment, or just let someone know you are thinking about them! It’s a small deed, but choosing to share kindness and taking the time to do so goes a long way spiritually. 

Social platforms like Facebook are making it easier than ever to donate to charities and nonprofit organizations. Whether you start your own fundraiser or donate to someone else’s, you have an opportunity to support a cause you believe in with the click of a button. Donating is an incredible spiritual action of sharing and a powerful way to use social media.

Social media is an information highway, and that can be put to good use to help others. When people are in desperate need of help, they will often take to social media to share their plight. Maybe they need help finding a loved one who has gone missing, prayers for a sick family member, or assistance starting a new business. When we hit “share,” we are – quite literally – sharing with them.   

From words of wisdom to spiritual videos and lectures, social media can offer a wealth of inspiration. If you heard or saw something that resonates with you, you can inspire others by sharing it with friends. Or, maybe you learned a valuable life lesson recently. Take the time to share what you’ve learned. All of us have wisdom to share, and most of us don’t take the time to appreciate just how accessible that wisdom is every single day. Imagine how difficult it was when people didn’t even have access to books! We now live in a digital age where we can find out just about anything, read other people’s interpretations, provide our own thoughts, and share all of that with the world! Spreading wisdom is one of the most profound ways to share and inspire others. 

It’s interesting that a common internet phrase has become “IRL” or “in real life,” referring to “real” life outside of social media. In fact, social media is part of real life. We don’t leave the real world behind the moment we log on. As much as we try to be spiritual, kind people outside of the internet, we sometimes forget to carry that over to our social presence. We use words on social media like “connect,” “share,” “like,” and “friend,” but we often forget what those words actually mean. Social media is just another outlet for us to put our spiritual work to the test. The next time you log on, think about how you can use social media to be more sharing, giving, selfless, and kind. In doing so, you can grow your connection with others and grow ever closer to the Creator.


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