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Can You Not Pray ENOUGH?

When do we usually pray to the Creator? Typically, it is when we are in pain, when life is difficult, when a relationship ends, when a job we hoped to get falls through. When we are comfortable, on the other hand, when everything is settled and fine, we tend to forget the role the Creator plays in our lives.

In the Bible, when the Creator says, “Remember Me,” it is a call for us to remind ourselves of the Creator in times of goodness and gladness and not only in times of sorrow. We may currently be at a high point in our life, but let’s not forget that the reason we’ve reached that point is because the Creator allowed it and not because of our own “superb intellect” or our ability to “cut great deals.” After all, how many of us know people of equal intelligence and ability who are just as professionally connected as we are and who never quite make it?

The truth is that our position in this life is dependent on what we have done in our prior lifetimes and what kind of responsibility the Creator endows us with in this one.


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