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Conscious Connection: A Meditation

The Zohar talks about the energy of the different colors of the rainbow. Red, for example, is the color of desire and carries the energy of strength, passion, and aspiration. White is the color of sharing, and green is for balance and healing. Knowing and using the power of these colors in conjunction with meditation can help us awaken healing in ourselves and change our energy as needed.

Today, I’d like to share a quick exercise with you that you can do wherever you are and whenever is convenient for you. Consider it a tool to help you to stay in conscious connection with your spiritual essence. Feel free to read it first, and then try it out:

In your mind’s eye, place a green swirling ball outside the center of your chest, and then bring it towards you. Now breathe in this beautiful green light. As it cleanses your internal organs, may you feel its strength and its energy giving you peace and healing in the internal parts of your body.

Now replace the green swirling ball with a violet one. Violet is the color of spiritual connection and protection. For this moment again, feel your entire being vibrating in the soft glow of the violet light. Feel the vibration move through your being from the top of your head down through your spine into your internal organs and then down to your feet. Bask in the energy of violet, feeling the safety and protection of the Divine.

Once you have allowed these beautiful energies to permeate your being, you will perhaps feel a little lighter and more conscious than before. You can use these colors to help you re-center yourself as many times as you want or need throughout the day.


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