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How To Transform This Week: Embrace the Journey

From big dreams, great rewards may come, but there is none greater than the journey itself. For just as there is no reward without a journey, there is no journey without reward. This week, there is an energy that can assist us in learning how to embrace the journey. Try truly living in the moment – look around and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you at every turn, and experience the joy of extending yourself to others along their way. We are meant to dream big and to strive for our goals, but never at the cost of appreciating each moment. This week, remember that life is about the journey, not the destination.

Here are 7 resources to help you EMBRACE THE JOURNEY this week: 

1. Awakening appreciation is the key to walking the spiritual path. 

3 Things to Appreciate About Your Spiritual Work
Article by The Kabbalah Centre

2. Often it is the journey itself that is the reward.

Embracing the Ride
Article by Karen Berg 

3. When we find our purpose, our path becomes brightly illuminated.

The Wisdom of Who We Are
Video with Michael Berg 

4. Infuse unconditional positivity into your spiritual work.

Intention is Everything
Article by Michael Berg

5. Welcome change and discomfort as products of a fulfilled life. You can’t expect fulfillment without the growing pains it takes to get there. 

Are You Being Too Hard on Yourself?
Article by Monica Berg

6. Our spiritual awakening first happens on an individual level, then evolves into a collective process of transformation for the entire world.

The Journey of the Soul
Video with Eitan Yardeni

7. Total, lasting fulfillment. This is the goal of the spiritual journey.

The Seed of Prosperity, Health and Happiness
Video with Rav Berg

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