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Everything is Energy

It is a remarkable thing to understand that everything in this world there is energy. Everything. There is nothing that doesn’t have an energy; a plant, a flower, and certainly, you and I.

When we pray to the Creator what is the thing that we use the most? It is our throat chakra, the voice, the "in" and the "out." And what is the "in" and the "out?" It is a conversation, an exchange of energy. When we go to the Creator, and we cry in front of Him, and we say, ‘You know, I really feel empty in this space, I really feel I need You, I really feel that I have to connect to You, I really feel that I need the kavanot (intentions) to be with You.’

We cry out to the Creator, and when we are done, there is silence, and in that silence we can hear the Creator’s voice better. We can hear that still small voice saying, ‘Now is the time you can listen.’

This whole exchange comes through the throat chakra, our place of prayer our place of song, our place of allowing ourselves to join with the Creator.


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