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Fueling Our Prayers

We enter into Shabbat Va’etchanan with the power we think we have to be able to use prayer to effect real change, but leave it, hopefully, with an entirely different and much more elevated ability to draw assistance for ourselves and others through prayers and meditation.

In the story of Va’etchanan, Moses is told by the Creator that he would not be the one to lead the Israelites into the Land of Israel, and it says Moses prayed and begged the Creator at least 515 times to let him in. And Va'etchanan is the numerical value of 515. So, what is the secret of that number, 515? Why is that the amount of times Moses begged the Creator? 

In prayer, we are told that an angel takes our request up to the Upper Worlds. The number five hundred represents the worlds and dimensions by which an angel carrying our request has to go with the prayer, and fifteen is the numerical value of the Yud Hey, which is the fuel that gives the angel the ability to go up and elevate with our request, have it answered, and then allow that Light to come down to us. 

Which means that every time we pray, it is important that we meditate on the number 515; it is a secret Moses gives us. When we do so, we meditate on the spiritual process in order to enable the angel to elevate to the five hundred dimensions, which is the only way the Light needed to answer our prayer can be brought back. We also have to fuel the angel with the Yud Hey, as that is going to give the angel the energy and boost to be able to go through the five hundred spiritual dimensions, and to be able to bring the Light of healing, or whatever request we have, back down into this world. 

Therefore, the word Va’etchanan, 515, the numerical value, is the secret of the consciousness that we need to have in order to fuel our prayers and for them to be powerful. We have to know that when we are asking for this healing, it comes from five hundred dimensions away from us. There is an angel who we are asking to assist us, but we know that in order to give him the strength to be able to elevate our prayer, we have to meditate on the Yud Hey coming together and giving him the ability to elevate. And then, with the assistance of the Light of the Creator, the angel is able to elevate and bring down the Light of healing or of any other request that we have, into this world.

The secret of prayer is being given to us on Shabbat Va'etchanan; the consciousness and meditation that allow our prayers to be fueled, and then answered, are in this Shabbat. In order for our prayers to be elevated by the angels, we have to meditate, call upon, and awaken the Light of the Yud Hey. In so doing, we need to be conscious that we are injecting that power into the angel who is now going to take our request to those 500 dimensions, the 500 worlds, and bring them down into our life, or the life of the person we are asking a blessing for. 


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