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The Power of Positive Thoughts - Part 1

The kabbalists teach that there is nothing that influences our lives more than our thoughts. While most of us understand that our thoughts are powerful, we tend to focus on our words and actions when it comes to our spiritual work. Of course, our words and actions are important - actions of sharing and words of kindness bring Light into our lives. But everything we do and say stems from the way we think, and that makes our consciousness the most important part of our spiritual work. 

Consider how unlimited our thoughts are. Our minds can take us to far off places, our imagination can create images we have never seen, and there is no end to how much we can learn. There is nothing in our lives as unlimited as the power of thought. This is because our consciousness is the one thing we have that is completely connected to the Light of the Creator, the limitless source of all things.

Knowing this, we can begin to understand just how important it is that our thoughts be those of positivity. Here are 4 ways that positive thoughts influence our lives:

The Creator is an endless source of Light, love, and all things positive. When we have a positive thought, such as a thought of appreciation or of sharing, we align our minds with the Creator, and that brings us even closer to Him. When we awaken greater and greater thoughts of certainty, love, and appreciation – those thoughts strengthen our bond. This is what draws Light into our lives. While actions and words also have this ability, they pale in comparison to the strength of our thoughts.

The kabbalists teach that our thoughts are so powerful that they have the ability to create miracles in our lives. In fact, the Zohar – the wellspring from which kabbalistic wisdom derives – states firmly that blessings can dwell only in a place of joy. This tells us that a positive frame of mind allows us to receive all the blessings the Creator means for us to receive in our lives. 

There are so many miracles happening every day and all around us, but the kabbalists teach that we need the eyes to see them. How do we gain this sight? By connecting our thoughts to the thoughts of the Creator, awakening more and more positivity. These thoughts allow us to experience the miracles that abound and to better enjoy the many blessings we already have in our lives. An individual who is not connected to the Creator might walk right by those blessings. Nothing we say or do could open our eyes to the blessings right in front of us as the power of having a single positive thought. 

Sometimes we may behave in a negative way, but our thoughts have the ability to awaken the desire to change. Even if we do not have the strength to act upon our positive thoughts and intentions, the force of our thoughts can assist us on a spiritual level.


Our thoughts are the most powerful tool we have at our disposal for growing closer to the Creator and drawing Light into our lives. But knowing the power of thoughts is not enough - we must dedicate time to actively transform the way we think.

The purpose of Kabbalah is to give us the ability to change the way we think. In fact, we can gauge how much we have grown by measuring how much the way we think has changed. 


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