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The Power of Positive Thoughts - Part 2

The kabbalists explain that positive thinking is the most powerful part of our spiritual work. In Part 1, we explored how positive thoughts strengthen our connection to the Creator and draw Light into our lives. Now that we understand and appreciate the power of our thoughts, it is up to each of us to do the spiritual work to transform the way we think. 

Having a positive mindset is a lot more difficult than it sounds. It requires us to retrain our brains. Much of the spiritual work we do is to help us achieve that level of consciousness.

Here are a few ways we can develop more positive thoughts: 

 Even if it is just 5 minutes during the day, we should make time to actively align our thoughts with the thoughts of the Creator. The Creator is an endless source of positivity, so when we think about sharing, giving, loving, and appreciating, we are thinking like the Creator. In doing so, we draw closer to the Creator. Having the simple thought, “I am connecting my consciousness with the endless Light of the Creator,” over and over again connects our consciousness and is able to manifest incredible Light. 

One of the most powerful things we can do is bombard our minds with positive thoughts, especially when we are having a bad day. Even if we cannot fulfill all the good intentions and plans we think of, the thoughts alone are a powerful force that can elevate our souls. As we have those positive thoughts, we are attaching our mind to the Creator, and Light can start flowing. 

The Zohar says the most important thing we can do to attach ourselves to the source of Light is to protect ourselves from negative thoughts. A person who continues to have negative thoughts limits the flow of Light and blessings. Negative thoughts literally make it so that whatever blessing is meant to come into our lives is disconnected from us. Each one of us has blessings that we are meant to have and are ready to enter our lives, but only by remaining positive can we invite them in.  

It can be incredibly difficult to remain positive when things seem to be going wrong. Having certainty in the Creator means understanding and believing that He is giving us the challenges, obstacles, and tools that we need in order to reach a higher spiritual level. Often, it is only our perception that needs to change. We may doubt, question, and fear, because we don’t see the bigger picture. Trusting in the Creator allows us to see the world in a different way and appreciate the blessings all around us. The things we think are negative in our life will lead us to something better on a spiritual level if we have certainty and do the spiritual work we need to learn from the experiences. 


Staying positive in the face of adversity is one of the greatest challenges we face in our spiritual work. But the more that we understand how important it is and awaken our appreciation, the more we can begin to train our minds to think in this way. When we do, we start to become like the Creator, and that allows powerful blessings to flow. More than our actions, more than our words, our thoughts have the power to change our lives and the world for the better. 


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