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Revealing the Light

Even science now says that yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all here in the present. Only the “now” exists. So why can we not see into the future? Because it has not been revealed or illuminated yet.

Shadows are a result of interference. In the physical world we experience the illusion. Anything that is physical is an obstacle, and we are here to eliminate those obstacles. The reason we cannot just walk from Los Angeles to London is that there is friction in the air. Physicality is the origin of negativity, and we are here to reduce the dominion of time, space, and motion. Our body consciousness dictates what we do, and this creates an environment conducive to chaos.

The Holy Names, the Hebrew letter combinations, remove chaos because they transform chaos into Light, and chaos cannot exist without darkness. Regarding the small Aleph in the first word of this chapter—Vayikra; we know that small Hebrew letters represent Malchut, our physical reality. The small Aleph says that if we reduce ourselves in the physical realm, the Light must come in.

Today, since we no longer have the Temple where we can bring sacrifices, the Hebrew letters, the Ana Beko’ach, and the reading of the Bible are used to remove chaos from our lives.

*From Rav Berg’s 1998 lecture on the portion of Vayikra.  


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