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How To Transform This Week: See The Good

If you look for the good, you are sure to find it. If you look for the bad, you are sure to find that too. By choosing to see only the inherent goodness that exists in all people and situations, we can connect more with the source of that goodness and usher more of it into our experience of life.

Here are 7 resources to help you SEE THE GOOD this week.

1. We might not see the Creator’s hand in everything, but we can know that it is there.

5 Ways to See The Good In Everything
Article by The Kabbalah Centre

2. It is not what happens to us, but how we perceive it that determines our quality of life.

The Divine In Everything
Article by Karen Berg

3. To be a righteous soul we need only see the Creator in everything.

Seeing the Light in Every Experience
Video with Michael Berg

4. The choice to connect with the positive or the negative is always ours.

The Glasses Through Which We Choose to See The World
Article by Michael Berg

5. The difference between our pessimistic and optimistic tendencies is nothing but a thought.

The Optimist and the Pessimist
Article by Monica Berg

6. The only way to remove chaos is to know that chaos does not exist.

Seeing the True Reality
Video with Rav Berg

7. Peace is a phenomenon that exists within each one of us. All we need is to be conscious of its existence to tap into it.

Removing the Blindfolds
Video with Eitan Yardeni

Want more inspiration?

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