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Consciousness Tools
Study Path

This study path contains six classes, as well as optional follow-up work for each class; reflection questions to help you internalize the wisdom, and 'thought into action' prompts to help you apply what you're learning to create real, meaningful change in your life.

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Your Journey:

Consciousness Tools

Week 1

Founders of our modern-day Kabbalah Centre, Rav and Karen Berg, succeeded in their efforts to bring Kabbalah to the mainstream world because of their unwavering perseverance. In this seminar, gain insights from Karen on how to pursue your purpose with certainty each and every day, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: Where in your life have you reached the point of giving up or have noticed yourself frequently considering giving up? How can you persevere forward with the consciousness you learned in these classes? What will be your new motto or affirmation in continuing on?

Week 2

In this seminar, gain insights Michael Berg on how to pursue your purpose with certainty each and every day, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

Optional Lightwork  

Thought Into Action: For the next week, every time you consider giving up on a task, a person, a commitment, etc… challenge yourself to consider how persevering may impact others for the better. For instance, if you find yourself wanting to give up on trying to improve your relationship with a particularly challenging family member, think beyond yourself, think about the impact this relationship has on your entire family. Think about how the entire family dynamic shifts if there is a conflict between you and this person. Notice what happens in your mind and heart when you expand your intention; notice if you are more inspired to persevere.

Weeks 3–4

You hear it all the time in the Kabbalah Centre – “consciousness is everything.” Our thoughts are powerful, meaningful and they create our reality. In this seminar, Monica and Michael break down the ways in which we can practically become better managers of our thoughts. Begin with making a commitment to invest more time in thinking about your thoughts!

Optional Lightwork  

Question: What are some of the self-destructive thoughts you have when you disappoint yourself? What unkind things do you think about yourself?

Thought Into Action: Over the next week, practice talking back to your self-destructive thoughts. When the thoughts arise, call these thoughts out for what they are – illusions of the ego, crafted to distract you from your soul’s purpose. Try replacing these thoughts with new positive, loving affirmations. For example, when you disappoint yourself, maybe you experience thoughts such as, “I messed up again, see I really don’t know what I’m doing” or “I can’t trust myself.” You can replace these thoughts with the affirmations, “I am growing every day; growth is not a straight line,” “I give myself permission to be imperfect,” “I trust myself wholeheartedly,” “I choose to focus on effort, not results.” The ego will fight back hard when you try to challenge the negative thoughts it’s been convincing you are your own, so don’t be surprised if you have trouble really feeling these new affirmations. It’s a bit of a “fake it till you make it” game with affirmations. If you can keep practicing them, even when you don’t feel them, your subconscious and conscious mind will start to program and accept them over time.

Weeks 5–6

The way we experience fear is the difference between leading a life of purpose and joy or a life of disappointment and stagnation. Join our in-house fear expert, Monica Berg, as she shares her unique perspective on fear, as well as specific tools for living fearlessly. In this class you will start to differentiate between different types of fears. You will learn how to identify the root of your fears, and the negative habits you’ve acquired as a result of such fears.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: What is one fear you currently have that is rooted in a past experience? How is this fear negatively impacting your life; what is it keeping you from doing or being? What is your limited belief system about how this fear is serving you positively?

Thought Into Action: For the next week, every time your fear arises, notice the thoughts going on in your head. Instead of indulging these thoughts, ruminating, and giving them more power, practice this simple affirmation “fear is not an option.” Say this affirmation over and over again in your head and out loud. See what happens.

Weeks 7–8

In this class you will be guided on how you can find your calling in life by exploring a kabbalistic concept known as the Four Phases. When we apply these Four Phases in any area of our lives, we can have certainty that we are on the path that is right for us.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: Where in your life have you hit a wall? In this area, identify which stage of the four phases you are in. How can you change your consciousness and or actions to maximize the light in this stage?

Thought Into Action: For the next week, pay attention to one area of your life where you have become a passive receiver. Each time you receive in this area, make an effort to remind yourself the Creator receives pleasure as you receive. Notice how receiving starts to feel different when you make that acknowledgement in your consciousness.

Weeks 9–10

In this very deep class, learn how you can receive the Light, blessings and benefits that are meant to come to you, and experience miracles by expressing the essence of your soul. Explore the relationship between body and soul; how it relates to your every day existence.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: What is one area of your life where you are living primarily according to the desires of your body, ignoring or overlooking the desires of your soul? In this area, what are the desires of your soul and why have you neglected them?

Thought Into Action: For the next week, before you express your point of view on anything to anyone, stop and ask yourself: is this the point of view of my ego or my soul? Who is trying to speak here? Pay attention to how your desire to express yourself shifts simply by asking yourself this question. Notice if you find yourself speaking more or less, and how the quality of your speech changes.

Weeks 11–12

In this final class you will hear Karen Berg, founder of the Kabbalah Center’s perspective on spirituality and Kabbalah. You will also explore topics, such as rest, balance, harmony, and excitement as it relates to your spiritual work.

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