Our Call to Love

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Our Call to Love

Karen Berg
Julio 15, 2018

It is said that if we have one true friend in this life, we are indeed very lucky. True friendship occurs when there is authentic love between two people, each willing to sacrifice for the other. A true friend will be there for you when you need them. It is the kind of relationship that is created through care from both sides. Your needs become their needs. This type of closeness is feeling that the other person is a part of you, in the same way your leg and arm is a part of your own body. It is a love we strive to experience at least once in our lives. The truth is, to love another in this way, is really to love the Creator, for they are one and the same. Earning a true friendship requires releasing some of our own desires for the desires of the other. When your friend is in need and you are called to help, will you answer? Are you willing to give when it is not easy to do so? When you genuinely love the other person, the answer is simple, of course. The time will always come when we cannot simply speak about love, but are asked to show it. It is then we reveal the Light we were born to reveal in this world. When we love our fellow man, we ignite the Divine spark within us into a powerful Light. This is our truest destiny and purpose. This week, we hear the call to love. We stand before the day known as the 9th of Av. It is the day when an enormous quantity of Light is generated. Throughout history, however, it has been a day of negativity, for when this Light is not channeled properly, it can cause us to be overwhelmed. But this year, utilizing the power present this week, we can finally heed the call to love our fellow man, ending judgement, and hatred for no reason. Being a channel of loving-kindness affords the ability to use this Light of the 9th of Av for good in the world. This week we are asked to not merely speak about love, but to act on it. 

"We are asked to not merely speak words of love, but to act upon them."

Our assistance this week is the portion Devarim. Devarim means “the words of Moses.” Finally, after 40 years, Moses expresses his feelings to the Israelites. He reminds them of all their mistakes over the years, freely expressing his concern. Like a loving parent, he opens his heart to advise them on how to succeed on their mission to the Promised Land. Moses recounts the years and repeats to the Israelites all the times they doubted, complained, and acted with little certainty in the Divine Energy that guides them. He reminded them, as well, of when the Creator had granted them success in conquering lands and enemies. This becomes a turning point for the Israelites. They awaken to the urgent need to no longer act in fear and begin to act with love to the Creator and to one another. Devarim is the first chapter in the final book of the Torah. This final book deals with our physical world, and consequently, all of our actions in it. We are encouraged to put our wisdom in action, cease fighting with one another, and begin to once and for all, love our neighbor as we love ourselves. In history, on the 9th of Av, both temples were destroyed because the people just simply could not get along. Each year, if we continue to follow this path, it is as if the temples were destroyed all over again.

Devarim always falls in the week before the Ninth Day of Leo in order to inspire us to walk the path of love. This week, we are given the vision of our future and become aware of the magnitude of our situation as a global community. Treating our fellow man with nothing less than human dignity may no longer be a choice, but a vital need. Our planet longs for harmony and peace. 

"Treating our fellow man with nothing less than human dignity may no longer be a choice, but a vital need. "

Moses visits each one of us this week, encouraging us to prepare for the great Light coming. The Light available on the 9th of Av is known as the Light of the Messiah, a time when all chaos, pain, and suffering is wiped from the face of the earth. This incredible Light is our great gift, if we are only open to channeling it through love and care for one another. Moses reminded the Israelites that the Divine Energy will continue to guide and support them. He promises that the Creator will fight for them now, and in the future. He implores the Israelites, and us all this week, to, at last, open our hearts to achieve unity with one another. For in this way, we will be able to unite with Divinity. Moses visits us in the hope that this will be the year that we are finally open to hearing that only through love will we be able to create the world of our dreams.

In your meditations this week, picture yourself at the beginning of a bridge over water. You begin to walk across and notice someone in the distance walking towards you. As you walk closer, you begin to see it is your old friend, someone whom you love a great deal, but have lost a connection with recently. You both continue to walk closer to each other and you feel love building once again in your heart. Suddenly, you feel yourself getting lighter and freer. You leave behind ego, jealousies, and fears. There is only love. You both meet at the center of the bridge and embrace with tears in your eyes. You have been reunited with your friend and this mutual love, like electricity, travels throughout the entire world.

Love is the source of energy that can remove, once and for all, the pain and chaos of our world. For love and the Messiah are the same. When we are open to allowing another human to enter our hearts, it is as if we allowed the Creator to do the same.