Struggle in the Workplace

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Struggle in the Workplace

Marcus Weston
Febrero 10, 2016
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I have a very successful life, a great family, a child, friends, and work. Recently, an ambitious person within my corporation has aggressively gone after my business and is attempting to lay falsehoods against me. This is a new recruit who has been somewhat successful in bending the ear of others and chipping away at my business. I find my attempts to defend myself against the higher ups have been thwarted. It is extremely hard on my health. I keep thinking this isn't right, I have held myself up to the highest standards in my client and business dealings. It's as if they want me out. ~SJ


I’m happy you wrap the question and admittedly tough challenge, with the higher consciousness that thank goodness ‘life is broadly great’.

I think the first thing to know, with absolute certainty, is that there is always, but always, complete justice in the universe. Meaning that whatever is happening is meant to happen. And more than this, your soul needs and would choose every time that this happens. Even if you have no certainty in the divine and perfect nature of the Light in our lives and this particular challenge here, it just makes sense NOT to be the victim.

So the question is, WHY is this meant to happen?

Well, on this basis there are two options. First, it’s cleaning something from your past or helping something for your future. So it’s either FROM you or FOR you. Either way it’s GOOD!

So let’s run through some suggestions covering both options. It sometimes helps to ask someone close to you – as it’s very tough, often impossible, truly to see ourselves. Ask yourself, where have you talked unhealthy or untrue things about others? Where have you used the powerful energy of your mouth in unspiritual ways? Where do you have too many opinions of others? Where have you wrongly expressed those opinions? What is your emotional reaction to all going on (fear, insecurity, injustice, betrayal, obsessive thoughts, anger, rage)? What other parts of your life expose this same weakness, as maybe this work challenge might be opening an important gate for you elsewhere? Once you dig here, as you open responsibility internally, you can find the situation responds to mirror your changes externally, too.

Above all, I think this kind of internal work is the first call before you’re too involved with who wants you in or whether you should be out, etc.

Take these personal steps to your personal teacher to ground and deepen your process, to find a real life lesson and breakthrough.

Wishing you all the best.