Lesson 8: A Journey Through the Upper Worlds
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Connecting To Shabbat

Lesson 8: A Journey Through the Upper Worlds

Fecha de publicación: Diciembre 12, 2013
Fecha de grabación: Agosto 10, 2010

Conceptos destacados de la clase

  • Receiving the three parts of the extra soul: Nefesh, Ruach, Neshamah
  • Connecting to the female aspect and the mail aspect of the soul 
  • On Saturday we connect to the male aspect of the soul 
  • The extra soul expands our Desire to Receive: a greater capacity for Light 
  • Our Opponent's job is to get us to be satisfied with little so that our vessel shrinks
  • Picturing our future our our souls perfect keeps us open to more Light
  • Focusing on the gifts we desire to have
  • Abba & Ima (dimensions above Zeir Anpin) signify the energy of Final Redemption: Honoring our father & mother is connected to the same energy 
  • Awakening the energy of Messiah Consciousness
  • Created the worlds of Briya, Yetzirah and Asiya through the falling of Malchut of Atzilut
  • Elevating through the worlds by the end of Friday night
  • Teleporting our current self to join with its perfect self 
  • The difference between men and women's connection
  • Gaining the knowledge of the secrets of Shabbat allows us to receive more energy
  • The Amidah and the journey through the Upper Worlds
  • The Musaf of Shabbat
  • Reaching the edge of the Endless World
  • Sleeping on Shabbat according to the Ari
  • Mincha of Shabbat
  • Connecting to the Desire of Desires during the Third Meal Connection
  • The Third Meal Connection gives us the ability to mimic the Endless World
  • Intense craving allows us to receive the Light of Restriction
  • Wanting it all or being bothered by everything
  • Begging for the vessel of the Endless World: Desire of Desire
  • Running away from comfort and craving to desire everything

Descripción de la clase

In this lesson, David guides us through the specific structures of the 99 Percent Realm and how our souls navigate through the Upper Worlds throughout Shabbat. Learning about the essence of Shabbat raises our consciousness and leaves an imprint that affects our future experience of this most powerful day of the week.

Acerca de este curso

One of the most powerful tools we can use to use to remove our ego and eliminate chaos from our lives is Shabbat or the Sabbath. While many of us have an idea of what Shabbat may or may not be, the kabbalists explain that connecting to Shabbat is an essential part of our spiritual work. Learn how to strengthen your connection to Shabbat and energize your entire week!

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