Yom Kippur: Reevaluating Our Past
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Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur: Reevaluating Our Past

Fecha de publicación: Diciembre 24, 2013
Fecha de grabación: Septiembre 12, 2010

Conceptos destacados de la clase

  • Yom Kippur culminates our opportunity to build our Left Column (Vessel to Receive) for the coming year
  • During the 21 days from Rosh Hashanah through Simchat Torah our soul leaves to be renewed and restored
  • Receiving the gift of building our vessel without pain 
  • The things we ask for come from Binah in the form of challenges to help us grow 
  • During the year our life experiences come sweetened through the filter of Zeir Anpin
  • Judgment continues to come down during the 7 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
  • Our teacher is like the source (Binah) giving us judgment with mercy
  • Our lack of listening to our teacher leads to missed opportunities to build our vessel with mercy instead of judgment
  • Examining our negative desires through the lens of Binah consciousness so we can appreciate their positive root
  • Taking our desires back to their source helps us transform them
  • Reaching a level where we are happier that negativity happened
  • Our ability to elevate to a higher level of consciousness is linked to our appreciation for the negativity in our past
  • Reevaluating the things we ask for and letting go of that which is unimportant
  • Recognizing how the Light is already inside of us and our how our real work is in pushing the negativity out
  • Begging the Light to help us get excited about our past emotional wounds and how we can convert them to be a blessings
  • The secret behind the five prohibitions on Yom Kippur: connecting to Malchut while we are experiencing the realm of Binah will inhibit our capacity to receive the spiritual nourishment and energy 
  • The Hebrew word “Onah” means both sexual and the seasons of the year
  • Kapparot is related to the ancient understanding of the scapegoat’s role of absorbing our negativity

Descripción de la clase

David encourages us in increasing our understanding of Yom Kippur and explores idea of our soul’s true conversion.  He challenges us to convert our corrupted desires back to their original purity  and convert the negative experiences and people in our lives into the very blessings that can take us higher and empower our new spiritual level.   

The holidays that occur during the month of Libra (Tishrei) provide us with different aspects of the support system we need to not only create a new movie for our lives and the world in the upcoming year, but also to connect with the Light that will fuel us and determine how much of our potential we can achieve.

Acerca de este curso

Throughout the year we have opportunities to connect with unique and powerful spiritual energies. Increasing our awareness of these windows in time and understanding the kabbalistic prayers and tools  that establish our connection not only improves our lives, but creates the positive change and lasting fulfillment we desire while drawing these divine energies to support the entire world.

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