Creating Our Personal Wellness Remedy

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Sanación Kabbalística

Creating Our Personal Wellness Remedy

Fecha de publicación: Julio 19, 2016
Fecha de grabación: Julio 20, 2015

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Conceptos destacados de la clase

  • The root level of all sickness begins with an empty space or lack
  • Blood is the bridge connecting our body and soul
  • Affecting our children’s DNA during the time of conception
  • Bringing central column energy to our bodies
  • Sickness allows for an awakening to work on ourselves internally
  • Doctors, healers and archangel Raphael: feeling the pain of others and becoming a channel
  • Five ingredients for staying healthy during challenging times:
    • Trusting the Creator
    • Being aware that our own negative actions cause our misfortune
    • Knowing that the universe sends us situations for our own good in order to fix our negative actions
    • Remembering that there are even greater misfortunes than ours
    • The Creator’s help can come in the blink of an eye
  • Not allowing ourselves to be in affinity with a disease
  • Understanding the four elements and balancing our behavior: fire, air, water, earth
  • Creating an ongoing chart for tracking our health issues: 
    • Being aware of the dates and times that we encounter repetitive patterns
    • Seeing a commonality between our physical and emotional conditions
    • When we are aware of what is happening we feel better
    • Shortening the time of a sickness by changing the frequency in our thoughts

Descripción de la clase

Join Kabbalah Instructor Sarah Argash as she explains the spiritual root and purpose behind people being ill and how working on ourselves internally can bring healing to our bodies. She shows us how we can track our own health issues and create a personal wellness remedy for bringing balance, peace and harmony to our lives.

Acerca de este curso

Kabbalah revela el secreto de que los problemas de salud empiezan a nivel espiritual. Batsheva comparte con nosotros técnicas Kabbalísticas de sanación con las cuales aprendemos a tratar la causa en lugar del efecto.

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