El pensamiento precede la manifestación

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Diez Emanaciones Luminosas (TLE)

El pensamiento precede la manifestación

Fecha de publicación: Octubre 18, 2018
Fecha de grabación: Noviembre 27, 1986

Conceptos destacados de la clase

  • Everything belongs within and operates within a framework of 10
  • The Sefira of Keter is the first Vessel and where everything begins
  • Asking "why?"
  • The Upper Sefirot have the smallest degree of Desire to Receive
  • Thoughts originate in the brain or head
  • The lowest aspect of Light becomes revealed first 
  • The process of manifestation: Moving a thought from Keter to Malchut 
  • The Desire to Receive brings potential into actual
  • The uncertainty of physical reality
  • "Don't get stuck in the mud": the belief that the physical is all there is
  • The language of Kabbalah allows us to understand the nonphysical 
  • Darkness is needed to manifest Light 
  • Desire exists in Malchut because there was a state of total fulfillment in Ein Sof first
  • Infinite Desire to Share necessitated infinite Desire to Receive 
  • Diversity in Desire to Receive appears in the manifestation of the physical 
  • Robotic consciousness versus controlling the physical through consciousness
  • Einsten's revelations and Rav Ashlag's revelations: revealing exactly what is to be revealed
  • Paradoxes, Uncertainty Principle and physics
  • The closer we are to the Source, the greater clarity there is
  • Restriction manifests the greatest revelation of Light
  • Zohar Chayei Sarah v. 103: Abraham's saw what Efron could not see
  • When the the religious establishment does not agree with Kabbalah
  • Kabbalah reveals the true meaning of the Torah
  • Tapping energy by visiting physical sites

Descripción de la clase

A thought or a flash of insight moves through the Ten Sefirot before it becomes manifest into the physical reality through human action. At the same time, a thought is never manifest without action just as the Light cannot be revealed without the Vessel.  In this lesson, Rav Berg explores the paradox of Light and Vessel, thought and action, potential and manifestation.  When we have the foresight to see that which is still in potential and the drive to manifest it, we can receive everything that we are meant to receive. 

This lesson continues in Ten Luminous Emanations, Vol. 2, Inner Reflection, Chapter 8, Paragraph 87b and was originally released on VHS as TLE #3b, #4, #5a and on audio cassette as TLE #87B, #88, & #89A

Acerca de este curso

In 1932, the founder of the Kabbalah Centre, Rav Yehuda Ashlag began work on what would become one of the most seminal and important kabbalistic texts of all time - The Study of the Ten Luminous Emanations (Talmud Eser Sefirot). With his momentous revelation, Rav Ashlag pierced the veil that concealed the mysteries found in the writings of Rav Isaac Luria, secrets of life that have eluded mankind since the dawn of time. Now, in one of the most advanced courses offered by The Kabbalah Centre, Rav Berg’s classes on Ten Luminous Emanations are available to all who have a desire to learn. All those who long for truth can now join some of the greatest sages to ever walk the face of the earth in a journey to understand the very foundation of our existence. Starting in the mid-1980s through 1997, Rav Berg taught an early morning class on Kabbalah Centre founder Rav Ashlag's foundational text The Ten Luminous Emanations. A small group of students gathered before dawn to delve into some of the deepest secrets of Kabbalah. For many years, these lessons were only available in VHS and audio cassette formats. Newly remastered and released online for the first time, we invite you to join Rav Berg as he reveals how the physical and spiritual worlds came into being, how we can understand the source of our soul, and how we can achieve unity with the Creator.

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