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Posted In: Kabbalah Centre International, Peace Thru People, The Zohar Project Posted On: November 11, 2015

Michael Berg during the playing of Rav Ashlag’s audio recordings

The kabbalistic New Year, Rosh Hashanah, is an important holiday in Kabbalah that maps out our spiritual path for the year to come. Rosh Hashanah is a time when, according to kabbalists, we can go back to the very root of humanity’s creation and remove judgments from ourselves. The Kabbalah Centre’s Rosh Hashanah event, held in Anaheim this year, was one of the biggest ever. Approximately 3,400 students, from all over the world, came to the Anaheim Convention Center to take part in the connection. Another several hundred watched the event online...

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Posted In: Kabbalah Centre International, The Zohar Project Posted On: November 11, 2015

“The reason there is chaos in this world is there is not enough Light yet revealed. By having the Zohar being scanned every hour of the day in every part of the world, we can guarantee that every opening of chaos throughout the day will always have the counterbalancing energy of the Zohar to fill up that void.” – Michael Berg

Kabbalah Centre students know that the Zohar is a powerful tool, one that kabbalists say has inherent protective qualities and can reveal much light. The scanning and study of the Zohar are central to the study of Kabbalah and, according to the kabbalists, essential to bringing about the end of pain and suffering in the world. The chaos and negativity in the world is plain for all to see; this...

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In the midst of such chaos in my life, I have been able to find peace through studying Kabbalah. Without any doubts whatsoever, I would highly recommend anyone to call. I am so thankful for The Kabbalah Centre, because it has made all the difference in my spiritual growth and development.

- Susan Perry Simpson

Kabbalah is the best gift I have had this year. But it did not come easy. It is a result of a lot of hard, focused, and disciplined work my teacher guided me through. Often I had to go out of my comfort zone to apply the tools. But the satisfaction and confidence I now feel is indescribable.

- Sam Parnaso

Now I look back and question what exactly I did and how I managed without these teachings in my life.

- Christopher Smith